November 29, 2008

Naziah's HouseWarming Party

Made the cupcake for Naziah's Housewarming party in Shah Alam...
The cupcakes made as of below and the pict during the party will be uploaded soon...

November 22, 2008


Ordered by Izza's family in Shah Alam to their only "BOY" in family.. Hafiz..Congratulations..

As their guests as well consists of "Veteran" and children..they also ordered design to be mixed up with other themes...

November 18, 2008


Plastic Dome

Individual Box

Individual Plastic High & Small Pink Boxes with Handle

Round Plastic (Cake)

Normal Boxes without holder

Order from Melaka

Small order from Rosdalila Yesterday when she's off to Cyberjaya.. She's expecting 2nd baby... Last minute order.. so..only managed to do simple design...Order katanya utk dimakan sendiri..hmmm...maybe pembawakan budak..
Heard the conditions she's facing currently..hoping the best and take care...


HouseWarming (Doa Selamat K Pogy)

Last Sunday.. made a cupcake for K Pogy for her "Doa Selamat"...

Selected design was:

For the kids...

Alien Nation

LadyBugz in the bushes...

Elmo & Cookie Monster

And.. for the "KIDS" above 18.. hehehehhe.. the selected design:

Garden ...

Step into New Home

November 17, 2008

McD's son birthday Bash!!

Medina's son... owh..cute sangat..
Thomas Big Fan & Crazy something Chocolaty....
So..her mom ordered Chocolate Chip Cupcake...Simple Deco..and one of the topping was Chocolate ... Nyam..nyam...

November 15, 2008

Para-para Sakura

This design was requested upon their new home celebration..... As dreaming their home to be decorated with "pokok buluh cina', the've shown us the pict (example) for us to realize onto their cupcakes..

The colours can b changed as u like!!As forme...I like it to be PINK!!

November 7, 2008

Received an order from the caterer (D'Timur Enterprise) in Putrajaya for Kementerian's serving as their Dessert. Requested to be simple design.
The below design are RM 2.50 for order below 100.

November 2, 2008

Party Set

It is time to plan your party with our many cupcake ideas!

Our cupcakes are baked on request basis (daily) so you know that you are getting only the freshest products.

We have a range of new flavours as well as the old favourites (vanilla).
As of now.. ChocoChip..Orange..

This set ordered last Saturday and it was packaged along with the PartyBox Set consisting Big BURGER..Wedges..and our CUPPIES..
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