November 24, 2009

Swirly Cupcake

Less is more... Requested to have simple deco...and petit in size...
made it for K Nailah...Thanks..

November 21, 2009

Thomas the tank engine cupcake

Thanks Hidayah@Angah...
Happy 3rd Birthday Dearie Muhammad...

1st box set

2nd Box Set

Several Boxes (Packaging of 4 each)- Giveaway gifts@school tuition

November 16, 2009

Yellowish Engagement cupcake

Thanks Arni...
Many thanks to u..rasanye cc ni for her fren...

Pink Purple Engagement cupcake

Thanks k Yati...

November 12, 2009

Snooker Cupcake For dearie Hubbie...

Thanks ye jaja..
sorry lambat upload...
actually byk lg entry tertangguh-tangguh nk diupload.. worry k..smua order akan dipapar di sini..just lambat sket je..sorry na...
Cupcake gifts ni surprise utk husbandnye En Faizal..memang tipu dia habis-habisan..sorry..terpaksa atas permintaan isteri tercinta...PEACE..

Melody's cupcake

Sangat best nama this girl..Melody...
happy Birthday Lil Girl... Thanks yer..
Thanks to Abby as well yg suggest smuanya!!! Thanks yer...

November 7, 2009

Buttercream simple deco cupcake

Thanks Acik CheAh

Thanks K yati...

Bugs cuppies

Mind the blurness ... amek gambar guna phone jer..kebetulan camera habis battery..

November 2, 2009

F1 racing car cupcake

Specially for dearie husband..thanks Zaireen..
Really sorry for the incident.....btw.. Alhamdulillah and very glad that ur hubby love the cuppies!!!

Another Brown pink combination

Thanks Feri..
Set 1

Set 2

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