November 23, 2010

Blogging back

Please Message me for any further queries but the BEST is to EMAIL me @ utk sebarang tempahan/queries.... I may not been able to answer ur call since dah terlalu busy di office nowadays and I'll reply ur email/queries the Soonest possible.

Below some picts yang terlepas pandang utk diupload sepanjang CUTI hari tu....

Kids Birthday Cake(Fondant)
Transport Theme

Love Gifts

Love Teddy

Hantaran Gifts

Baby Blue

Chocolate Cream

Purple Pink


Aqiqah Gifts
ButterCream Topping

Fondant Topping

Birthday Gifts


Maaf..been soooo looonggg tak update langsung blog ni!!!
Thanks for the Doa and Prayers from u All and I'm back now... But on Limited qty since pregnancy dah masuk 6 bulan....
All picts below memang tak ingat dari zaman bila terperam kat dlm computer tak diupload dlm Blog ni!!! So Sorry....

 Football Lover

Hantaran Set
Gold -Yellow Theme

Pinky White Theme

 Children -Princess

Graduation & Family Gathering (Thanks Nanie)

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