March 21, 2010

More..more flowery cupcake

Flowery Garden...Thanks to FeedaThanks to MazniThanks to Dina (1st set-Pink Purple)Dina (2nd set- Red Pinky Set)

Mix designs..

Thanks to Dina .. She even gave me the sample to follow..To which sources.. anyone if u happen to notice..drop me a msg k so I can give credit to it..

I Love You.. Miss You..   :)

Gimme Your Love ...

Thanks to MissAan..

Thanks to Nana..

Thanks to Feeda
Thanks to Azera for dearie hubbie..

March 20, 2010

Yummie..yummie CUpcake

Dearie customer.. sorry sangat2 atas kelewatan mempublish picts cupcake yang diorder...will try to upload your cupcake ASAP k..
Thanks Wa..
sorry terlambat sgt nk upload... 

Thanks To Burn (kalau tak silap..) - cupcake for dearie wife

Even kena outstation jauh ke China..wifey masih diingatan ...

March 16, 2010

Engagement cake

Cake from Princess Shazlyna to dearie Zaidie..

Princess of my heart

How lovely..couple paling sweet ..
Thanks to both of u... princess cake ni dipilih sendiri oleh sang Putera kepada Puteri Shazlyna...

Teddy Bear cake

March 11, 2010

Hantaran Gifts

Baby Blue set

Red set

Purple Set

Thank All....!!!

Giftsets cupcake

Bday cupcake for dearie frens..Thanks to Jaja if Im not mistaken...

Thanks Farihah dari ArRawdah media.. sesape yg nak design website can get from them. Muslimah biz.

Faces cupcake utk menggembirakan rakan2 office...kerja banyak nk release tension...

Thanks Bella.. Nak ade tulang and some MU and rugby for someone special...

Thanks Pakdin..utk bday anaknye (kakak)...

Really appreciate !!!! Thank You Very MUCH!!!!!
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