April 11, 2009

Friendship Day

Dearie Shira ordered 5 set for her bff... All 5 set with the same theme ... Flower + Lady Bugz..Pink ...
Yati, Mona, Azra, Azwyn & Mar ... Lucky them to have such a nice frenz,,,
Delivered to their office but some @their home.

I made the Lady Bugz figurine..flowers 3 days earlier so that they are all harden ...hmm..some cair due to cuaca that day yg hujan non-stop and lembab..

Hmm..terfikir.. friendship theme...slalunyer friendship always digambarkan dgn teddy bear..so I've decided to make a teddy bear figurine..tak pernah blaja so try n error je...bolehla...and tambah flower sket tok letak kat bear...

1st set For Mar..

2nd set for Mona ..

3rd set for Yati

4th set for Azra

Don't take away my flower...my precious...

5th set for Awyn

All set to be delivered


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