July 14, 2009

Annivessary Gifts cupcake week!!

Sangat kebetulan..that day memang smua cupcake delivery..bertemakan annivessary ...

1st delivery for Suzana ... my loyal regular customer...thanks a ZZiiillliiioon Su...Moga dipanjangkan jodoh and dimurahkan rezeki...

2nd for my neighbour..tak nak any packaging.. decoration ...she chosed my normal bouquet flowery design yg saya slelalu buat.. as she said nk replacekan with flowers yg akan layu..as Auntie Liza nak letak atas meja that morning.. hantar then she off to deco the table with her yummie dishes.. masa hantar tu...adoi..sedapnye bau ikan 3 rasa...Thanks auntie Liza..

3rd set tu ade extra..so kebetulan my sis bff nak 3 cuppies for her dad.. juz a simple deco will do... thanks Sally


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