August 4, 2009

Birthday cuppies for Nahwan

Thanks Nana for the continuos support..huhuhu..thanks to Nahwan as well..she was the one yg paksa kakaknyer beli gak cuppies for her birthday... :p And the design..dia yg mintak dari kakaknyer..tapi ditapis2 oleh Nana la..takut sama sgt ngan Aufa's cuppies.. Nana kata kopak duit dia bulan lepas..mula2 Aufa..then Lil Farees...pas2 Nahwan plak...then sambung lagi..ayahnye pula...fuh..memang byk nk kena blanja..tapi comes first!!!

From the prvious sample..Wormy Life

Some inspired by Ita and Hello Naomi as requested by Nahwan ..

Theme yg direquest khas dari Nahwan nyer fav activity kat boarding school dia..heheheh..bukan cheerleader yer... tapi basketball player k!!!


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