June 8, 2009

Air Asia Carnival II

In a hurry..uploading while doing some ROUTINE job...boring...tapi takpe..itula rezeki yg sepatutnyer disyukuri...Alhamdulillah...this was another set ordered.. quite the same as in previous entry..Some asking to see my new design..but what to do..a lot of my customers requested to have the the same design and sometimes EXACTLY the same... and currently I don't have any free time to make samples on any new design.. my son growing up and sometimes suka la mengacau seeking my attention..however..appreciate your kind order and menghargai hasil kerja tanganku..thanz guys for the endless support...
Set 1 : Flowery Love

Set 2:Swirly Bugz

Set 3: Swirly Love

Set 4: Mix favs

Set 5: Simple Sweety Buttercream

Set 6: SweetyYummie Worms Life

Set 7: SweetyYummie Bees Life


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