June 21, 2009

Little bouquet set for wedding & Housewarming gift

Hmm...Most my customers like to have this design.. little flower bouquet .. I know that most my entries mesti ade this design..tapi itu adelah request from my customers and I sangat hargai peluang yg diberikan setiap customer ...expanding the business ..hmm..sangat berangan ok... But I also like customer yg sometimes gave me the opportunity to explore something new...come up with the new designs..tapi nanti kang tetiba..mulala start risau...boleh ke aku buat?? hmm..takpe take it as a challenge..tp kalau takleh memang I alwiz alu2kan discussion...so dua2 akan senang hati n puas hati.. Thanks All for the continuos support!!! Love u all!! MUAXXX!!!

This cupcake made bila yer... really terlupa the date.. Enjoy the picts!!!

Ordered by Yati- gambar taken malam after siap..esoknyer dah tak sempat amek new picts..nk kena rush pg meeting...so agak gelap sket...


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